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How to Prolong HVAC Life


HVAC Units do not come cheap, and it is important that the HVAC runs in good condition in order to preserve it against possible problems.



The San Diego HVAC Contractors’ Association says much relies on the quality of the HVAC Unit and how appropriate its power and size is vis-à-vis the whole home. The association explains that an HVAC that works harder than necessary because its cooling power is not commensurate to the area it covers, may need to be replaced sooner than it is bound to be replaced.

The contractor’s association estimates that an appropriately sized HVAC Unit can last for up to 12-15 years. Provided of course that preventative maintenance checks are consistently undertaken by the homeowner through a licensed contractor. Maintenance checks after all, determine whether the HVAC is running smoothly, and catches possible concerns even before it becomes a full-blown issue.



Third-Party service ratings website Angie’s List shared a list of ways to prolong the HVAC’s service life. One of the tips they mentioned is changing the air filter on a regular basis.



“A simple, but imperative, step to extend the lifespan of your system is to change your filters. When your air filters are dirty and clogged it’s harder for the air to pass through. This means that your system has to work harder to try and reach your set temperature. says that replacing a dirty filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5 to 10 percent.”



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More tips to prolong HVAC Life

House Logic also came up with measures to help homeowners make the most of their HVAC Units. Like the above-mentioned Angie’s List write-up, House Logic also mentioned about filter replacement and using only high-quality HVAC Filters. They discussed more tips as well.



“Make sure unit is level. Annually, ensure that outdoor air-conditioning units and heat pumps are on firm and level ground or pads. Stave off clogs. Annually, pour a cup of bleach mixed with water down the air-conditioner condensate drain to prevent buildup of mold and algae, which can cause a clog. Shut off the water supply to the furnace humidifier in summer. In fall (or when you anticipate turning on the heat), replace the humidifier wick filter, set the humidistat to between 35% and 40% relative humidity, and turn on the water supply.”



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The San Diego HVAC Contractors’ Association says an HVAC’s lifespan can indeed be prolonged especially when the homeowner is conscious about keeping it running in good condition from day one.